Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate Planning Lawyer


Gain Control of Your Family’s Future

There are two words that pin-point the importance of estate planning in today’s world: Avoid Probate! The cheapest and most legal way to control what happens to your family assets is to create an estate plan. As an estate planning lawyer the first thing that I advise my clients to do is create a proper estate plan now that can help them avoid a long and possibly expensive legal process at a later date. Creating an estate plan privately with a lawyer translates to a faster and easier estate transfer to family and loved ones – something anyone would want.

You need the right tools to protect yourself and your family, and I can help you get them. A few of the tools that you will need include a will (this is for everyone!), assignment of power of an attorney, and a living will or medical power of attorney. If you don’t already have a trust, I can help you with that too. As an estate planning lawyer, I am required to know the applicable federal and state laws, and ensure all legalities are met for my clients. If any changes or revisions to the law come into effect, I will let you know the appropriate measures to take.

Your estate took years to build – and I will ensure that your estate plan details exactly how and where you want your resources to go without worrying about predatory claims. Your plan will also include explicit instructions on who can speak on your behalf regarding medical decisions if you are unable to speak. Your family and friends will be grateful that you took the preemptive measures to avoid business problems, financial disruptions, and unnecessary emotional strain for the people you love the most.

If you’re ready to partner with an expert estate planning lawyer, give me a call at (805) 466-5999. I’m available to help get your estate plan up and running, ensuring that you are properly prepared no matter what the future holds.

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