Peace of Mind Delivered

Peace of Mind Delivered

Do you worry about what the future holds for your family? You’ve worked hard to earn what you have. Are you confident your assets will go to those you care about, on your terms?

I can help you protect what you’ve earned and ensure a quick resolution of financial matters with an estate plan created especially for you. As an attorney, I specialize in estate planning and business formation. But what I really love to do is help people realize their dreams.

Self-help legal kits may sound easy and inexpensive, but they can become quite costly when you take in all the complexities of transferring assets or setting up a business. A good estate plan or business plan can actually save you thousands of dollars in costs and fees. And, with my guidance and years of experience, you can be sure all the legal requirements will be satisfied.

It’s time to stop worrying. Let’s start working on YOUR estate plan or business plan today. Just give me a call at (805) 466-5999. I’m here and ready to help you.

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